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Truck Parking, Trailer Parking, and Container Drop Yard

  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Truck Parking Available

  • Personal Vehicle Parking in Assigned Space for Monthly Customers

  • Safe Parking for Truck Drivers

  • Secure Trailer Parking

  • Secure Container Parking

  • Secure Truck Parking

  • Secure Box Truck Parking

Advanced 24/7 Security 

  • Check-in Services 

  • Check-out Services 

  • Back-up Barriers Between Rows Provide Security for Loaded Containers and Trailers

  • 24/7 On-site Security 

  • 24/7 Camera Surveillance

Time Saving Systems 

  • Lot Organization System to Allow Drivers to Quickly Find Units

  • Our Cloud-based System Provides a Fast Check-in and Check-out Process

  • Quick Reservation System for New Customers

  • Daily Inventory Reports for Recurring Customers

Convenient Location

  • Located at the Corner of Shelby Drive and Malone Road

  • Less than 3 miles West of BNSF Railway 

  • Near Major Interstate Highways

  • 2 miles from US 78 

  • 6 miles from I-55 N


Truck Parking and Drop Yard Services


Truck Parking Near Me

The Assure Parking Difference

A secure drop yard for containers, trailers and truck parking.

Extra-Wide Lanes

A secure drop yard, with trailers and containers parked.

Back-Up Barriers Prevent Doors From Opening

Security cameras for a secure drop yard and secure trailer parking.

24/7/365 Monitored Security Cameras with On-site Teams


About Us

The Assure Parking Mission

Ensuring products arrive to consumers across the world by connecting supply chain partners and providing the leading secure storage solution.

Our Commitment to Our Customers

As the global supply chain grows, we rely more and more on over-the-road trucking. The trucking industry and our supply chain, as a whole, is held together by great drivers.

Drivers leave their families for days and weeks at a time to ensure that freight gets to customers at a designated time. And each time a driver leaves home, due to lack of space and local legislation, they are confronted with a problem—Where can I park my truck tonight? 

Our commitment is to provide every driver passing through Memphis, TN, with a safe and secure place to park each night. Not just for the freight they carry, but for themselves. Further, we strive to provide the most efficient truck parking systems possible, to get drivers back on the road quickly.

It is our commitment to our corporate partners to provide a secure space to drop trailers and containers, with the assurance that their valued freight is protected.

Our Story

Assure Parking is a family-owned company, and officially opened its gates in September 2000. We have been open 24/7/365, ever since. Our operations team has a century of trucking, logistics, intermodal, and truck parking experience. A lot has changed since the year 2000, but one thing has held constant—our commitment to our customers. 

Family-owned means we provide old-fashioned customer service. There will always be a person that answers the phone; and regardless of customer, our teams will provide top-quality service. While the customer service we provide is "old-fashioned", our security systems and inventory processes are anything but. Since September 2000, we have, and will continue, to improve the systems and support we provide by adopting modern technology to help our customers run their business more efficiently.

Assure Parking remains a family-owned operation, run now by two generations, and strives to treat our customers as part of the Assure Family. 


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Head Office

4800 Malone Rd

Memphis, Tennessee


Tel: (901) 303-0733

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